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"From Physics Lab to Superhero Lair: Shameka Day's Journey to Black Hole Domination!"

Experimental physicist Shameka Day wields the wounds of the universe in the palm of hand and with this power has become the hero known as the grey. 

Shameka has managed to create and sustain artificial black holes

Shameka has applied her research and created mini particle accelerators that once powered on creates black holes.

Utilizing this technology Shameka creates a super suit and incorporates the technology she used for her test gloves and creates gauntlets. With her gauntlets she is able to fire off controlled radiation called Greys. (get it).

She is able to fire off non lethal particle beams and when in close quarters she is able to instantly knock out opponents with focused strikes of radiation on the other end of the spectrum she is seen being able to destroy bullets with blasts from her gloves.

Some of the drawbacks are that she has to constantly monitor the output as too much radiation could kill her target. Also an overload could cause gadgets to break not only having a terrible effect on her but if the black holes get out of control she could accidentally destroy the planet.

Don't forget to check out The Grey issue 0 & 1 available right now

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Apr 01

I can't wait to read this.

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Apr 01
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