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What we're reading ep 1: Absolver

Updated: Mar 5

We have recently started our new YouTube series, "What we're reading," and this week we talked about Konkret Comics' title Absolver created by Jermael Lessey.

We've had the opportunity to learn a lot about the character during a recent Konkret vs. (Check out the previous blog post for info on that.)

So, what exactly is Absolver? Here's a quick rundown, without any spoilers, (of course) Absolver is what is called a mezzo, a being that doesn't reside in nor come from heaven or hell. (Hence why they fear him.) He is from limbo, which, from what I'm gathering, is this universe's form of purgatory.

Absolvers' power sets are mostly what you would expect: super strength, durability, etc. However, he stands out with a specific ability known as "Vanquished."

This ability puts the victim in a dreamlike state where time doesn't exist as it does normally. This technique, however, doesn't end there; whatever gets hit with this ability also leaves an imprint of the victim's soul on Absolver.

What does this do, you ask? It gives Absolver knowledge of everything the person can do. This includes access to their reflexes and abilities, but not any special abilities.

Example: He can copy Spider-Man's movement style, but he can't copy Spidey sense.

This leaves the story open to some very unique interactions and the opportunity for Absovler to be one of the most dangerous characters in the Konkret Universe. He is still early in his journey and learning about what he can do.

If you have the opportunity, go to and order Absolver 1-3 today.We promise you won't be disappointed.

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Don't forget to subscribe to us on YouTube if you haven't already to check out more of our "What we're reading series" click the link below.

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