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Indie Breakdown Ep.9: Absolvers jaw dropping abilities revealed!

Updated: Mar 18

Intro to character: Heaven has its angels, Hell has its demons. Oblivion has vengeance incarnate in the mezzo known as Absolver. 

Abilities: Absolver is a mezzo from Oblivion. His suit is actually made from his own soul. 

Absolver is equipped with the usual set of superstrength, durability, and the like but what sets him apart is an ability known as Vanquish

Vanquish allows him to copy the skill sets, abilities and knowledge of any living creature. The process of this ability is horrifying to the one being attacked by it.  Anyone attacked by Absolver's vanquished ability has their Soul torn from them and duplicated. After this process they witness their copied soul get devoured and the original thrown back into them. The turmoil Absolver's opponent goes through varies when the attack connects but most of the time they are rendered unconscious. 

Absolver has used this attack on various animals acquiring their strengths, abilities, and instincts.

Though the attack is very powerful the vanquish ability does come with a drawback: the copied abilities don’t include the potential for future learning or upgrades. There are emotional factors influencing his control over these powers. However in every instance this attack was used the opponent was rendered unconscious

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