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Indie Breakdown Ep.8: The Ultimate Martial Arts duo, Shannon and Zakiya's, Unbelievable Powers

Updated: Mar 18

Intro to character: Shannon and Zakaya two martial artists with 20 years of training between the two of them have achieved the ultimate state of Martial arts.



Shannon possesses a hybrid martial arts style that combines karate and jiu jitsu. In addition to her proficiency in these martial arts, she has an ability known as the formless state. The formless state  is state that gives Shannon enhanced strength and speed. However, the use of the formless state comes with a drawback, as it burns her body during the process. While in this state, her body also becomes more durable, but the retention of abilities and experiences from this state is limited once she exits it.


Abilities: Unlike Shannon she possesses weapons like poison claws, knives, and darts. She is more likely to kill her opponents in battle. 

She is also able to tap into the formless state that enhances her strength and speed allowing her to become more durable, offering a defensive advantage.  

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