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Indie Breakdown Ep.7: Unlocking the Mysteries of The Paladins

Updated: Mar 18

Intro to the group: The paladins, a formidable assembly of extraordinary Paranormals, have united to uphold order and confront the unknown in Icarus Metro City. 

Intro to character: Simone Stone aka The Author 

Abilities: Her power derives from a mystical spell book created by an ancient paranormal being named wraith. This power resonates with her soul and allows her to summon objects and spirits to manipulate.

Intro to character: Sarah aka Juice the leader of the paladins

Abilities: Sara unlocked her abilities at a young age and is able to manipulate different forms of lightning.

Intro to character: Melancholy

Abilities: has the ability to let off Sonic Blasts even using this ability to fly in the air.

Intro to character: Viscosity

Abilities: Manipulates liquid metal. Usually utilizes them as bladed weapons but is also Able to cover his body in it as well as cover others within his liquid metal. Usually utilizes them as bladed weapons.

Intro to character: Catalyst

Abilities: Manipulates a special pink flame that's ten times hotter than a regular flame. She has full mastery of this flame.

Intro to character: Percy Net

Abilities: He has the power to control cyberspace and manipulate dark energy. Being able to travel through cyberspace even pulling in a couple of defeated enemies into the realm as well.

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