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Indie Breakdown Ep.6 Allstar's Supernova and Star Manipulation EXPOSED!

Updated: Mar 18

Intro to character: The man with the power of a thousand stars. John Birmingham illuminates the night sky and the hearts of a world in need as All Star. 

The Light Keeper

All Star is connected to the light keeper. The light keeper is a celestial being that is the manifestation of light. And is what granted all Star his ability by placing a crystal into his nervous system. This being can communicate with him, offering guidance and has a strong sense of justice.

Star Connection: All Star can manipulate the fabric of stars throughout the galaxy allowing him to harness energy from them.

Supernova blast: He possesses the ability to go supernova, emitting a controlled blast of energy that can be more powerful than nuclear bombs. This power is activated in a controlled manner, avoiding uncontrolled destruction.

Superhero transformation:

All Star can transition into a superhero form. This transformation occurs during critical moments, such as protests or riots, indicating a connection between his powers and the need for intervention in challenging situations


The crystal connected to his nervous system enables him to regenerate. It reconstructs his amputated leg atom by atom, similar to the process seen in characters like Dr. Manhattan.

All Star the hero born from tragedy will illuminate the path to justice. 

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