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Tales from Midnight: Issue 1

Tales from Midnight: Issue 1

Tales From Midnight is the official anthology series from Midnight Comics. 1 book, multiple stories. In issue #1, we give you 4 short stories, and over 40 pages, introducing you to the main superhero style stories that we will be writing. Those stories are

Sol- A story about a young man who from birth has been fused with the Egyptian deity Amon Ra.


Blue Morpho end of an era- End of An era takes us through the last mission of the Public Domain Hero The Butterfly, in preparation for you to read about her daughter, who will become the vigilante known as Blu Morpho.


The Grey- Experimental physicist Shameka Day, can create and sustain a mini black hole. Her in the wrong hands could mean the end of the world if not the solar system.


and Admani-Fatima has enough stress in life, dealing with her mental health. Now, we add on top of that, the so called "gift" she receives, of being able to control fire.





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