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Name: Sol Jackson

Age: 27


The weakened spirit of the fused Amon Ra dove into the womb of a woman. She gave birth to a child that she named Sol. The boy's power would manifest as the spirit of Amon Ra fully bonded

with the boy. Upon his powers activating he would gain

the strength and durability of these entities. As his

power awakens an ancient evil returns hoping to finish

the job. He must now master his powers to fight against

Isfet the embodiment of chaos.



Super Strength

Super Speed

Super Durability


Darkness surrounds him and the heat of the sun is concentrated on him as he absorbs the magnetic field flux causes electricity to spark around him.

With heat dramatically increasing on and around him the ground melts with each step.

Able to magnify the heat absorbed from the sun and direct to anywhere in his body for physical strikes or shoot them as blasts.

Solar Flare:

When Sol Absorbs too much energy his body begins to shoot out solar flares to dispel that energy. 

The flares lash out like whips unco0ntrollably. (Will eventually gain control of them just not initially.)

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