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"Spark of Destiny: Exploring Evora Leigh's Radiant origins"

Intro to character: With her parents seemingly abducted the new breed of human Evora Leigh decimates everything in her path on quest to find her parents.


  • Energy Generation: Evora can generate energy, particularly in the form of pink waves.

  • Energy Manipulation: She has the ability to pull in the energy around her and manipulate it. 

  • Energy Projection: Evora can shoot pink energy waves from her hands and eyes.

  • Flight: She has the power of flight, enabling her to move through the air. Initially solidifying her energy and jumping off of them.Eventually using her to propel her through the air.

  • Enhanced Strength: Using her energy powers, she can make herself stronger, potentially allowing her to lift heavy objects like a car.

  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Though she is no speedster her speed is impressive. Evora possesses heightened speed and reflexes, comparable to a level slightly below Spider-Man.

  • Emotion-Enhanced Abilities: Her powers are influenced by her emotions, and her anger can enhance the strength of her energy beams.

  • Healing Factor: Evora has a boosted healing factor, allowing her to recover more quickly from injuries.

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